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Showcasing how we - and others - are supporting New England’s fisheries




Our Wicked Fish strives to help New England consumers, especially those in Massachusetts, become more knowledgeable about their local seafood options. In doing so, we want to generate a more sustainable and localized seafood industry in New England.

Did you know that over 90% of all seafood consumed in the U.S. is imported?

Even though New England is seen as a seafood destination the majority of seafood offered in restaurants and grocery stores is imported. Over-supporting imported seafood while making local catch difficult to find has impacted our fishermen, fishery, economy, carbon footprint, and the consumer!

Let's change this, New England!

Let Our Wicked Fish introduce you to delicious local fish like dogfish, bluefish and skate. Additionally, we also want you to meet the fishermen and organizations who are working hard to bring local fish back to our menus and grocery stores. 

After all, some of the best seafood comes from New England, and it is made possible by the people in your community who are passionate about our wicked fish.



Learn. Share. Eat.