Now, more than ever, consumers want to know the story behind their food.  When it comes to seafood, it is really difficult to tell this story. Despite being seen as a seafood destination and having several active and sustainable fisheries, most seafood offered in New England is imported. We want to change this.


Our Wicked Fish, Inc. strives to give consumers and restaurants the fish education they never had.  We are constantly interviewing anglers, buyers, growers and sellers and asking them "What do you want people to know about their local fish?"

We hope you learn about what you eat, share what you learn, and appreciate the outstanding seafood New England has to offer. After all, some of the best seafood in the world comes from New England, and it is made possible by the people in your community who are passionate about our wicked fish.



  • To constantly educate our community on our fisheries in an engaging and thoughtful manner.

  • Encourage restaurants and fish markets to offer the lesser-known species

  • To build partnerships within our fisheries and encourage collaborations between organizations

  • To actively participate in seafood sustainability and marketing research


Encouraging New England to learn about, share, and eat their local seafood

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