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Our Wicked Fish is not the only organization striving to revitalize New England's fishing industry and reconnect consumers with their local seafood options.  While we take an educational approach, there are other organizations who are tirelessly working within policy, market development, economics, and research.  All of these organizations operate with vigor to ensure our fishermens’ livelihoods sustain through this period of rapid industrialization and climate change.  Show your support and encourage these organizations by eating locally caught seafood!  

Not sure what "local seafood" really means? See our fish in season page to learn!


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Eating with the Ecosystem

Eating with the Ecosystem's mission is to promote a place based approach to sustaining New England's wild seafood through healthy habitats, flourishing food webs, and short, adaptive supply chains. They work with members of all parts of our seafood supply chains and bridge the gap between ecosystem scientists and food systems thinkers to integrate a place-based approach to sustaining wild New England seafood. Their new cookbook, Simmering the Sea: Diversifying Cookery to Sustain Our Fisheries, is now available!


Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance

NAMA is a fishermen-led organization that creates strong relationships within communities.  They advocates for a healthy local and global fishery.  They're effective communicators that are passionate about small and medium scale fishing, human rights, and progressive environmental and economic policy.

One of our favorite aspects of NAMA is their collaboration with fishermen, restaurants, and community during "Seafood Throwdown" events. Seafood Throwdowns showcase the versatility and deliciousness of underutilized species through a "Chopped" style event with local chefs as the competitors.  Follow them on Facebook to see NAMA news and events!


The Green Crab R&D Project

The Green Crab Research and Development (R&D) Project is collaborative and progressive group of scientists and activists committed to developing a fishery and market for the invasive green crab (Carcinus maenas).  The Green Crab is an aggressive invasive specie that has decimated economically important shellfish beds and have affected our estuaries.

The Green Crab Research and Development Project wants to make use of the booming Green Crab population and show you, the consumer, how eating green crab (a delicacy in Europe!) and green crab products (such as seafood stock!) can bring money into our local economy while effectively reducing the crab's population.


Red's Best of Boston

Red's Best of Boston buys directly from local fishermen. This practice greatly benefits the local economy and fishery. Red's Best also uses an interactive tracking system that allows consumers to scan their purchase to learn about the fisherman, fishing gear, and species (neat, right?!). This level of transparency and engagement reduces the chance of seafood fraud and encourages customers to learn about their food.

In addition to selling directly to distributors, restaurants, and colleges, Red's Best can be found within the Boston Public Market. At the Public Market they have fresh fish cuts and prepared items like fish tacos and soups. There are even lobster rolls for the hungry Bostonians and $1 shucked oysters on certain days!  Oh yeah, and they throw seafood events and provide catering services!

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The Gloucester Fishermen Wives Association

Since 1969, the Gloucester Fishermen Wives Association (GFWA) has advocated for the New England fishermen and for local seafood.  They are an active non-profit organization that assists current, future, and retired fishermen and their families.  They are environmentally progressive and outspoken about caring for the safety and health of the Massachusetts fishery.


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