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Community Supported Fishery

A Community Supported Fishery (CSF) is one where fishermen and the community work together for the local fishery. Members will receive a determined allotment of fish (1/2lb, 1lb, etc.) every week at any of the many pick up locations across the state.  Fish are angled by small boats and fishermen receive an incentive price to participate in the CSF.  CSFs provide the shortest chain of custody therefore members receive a product of higher quality than any grocery store.

Our Wicked Fish hopes that you will look into these CSFs and support their mission by becoming members!

  Cape Ann Fresh Catch  Gloucester, Massachusetts

Cape Ann Fresh Catch
Gloucester, Massachusetts

Cape Ann Fresh Catch is working with the fishermen to keep Gloucester fishing!  Supporters of Cape Ann Fresh Catch decide if they want fillets or whole fish, and they can add on extras like mussels, clam chowder, and even pasture-raised eggs!  Currently, they have 19 different pick-up sites around North Shore and within the Boston area!  This means local and fresh fish are available every week in Cambridge, Jamaica Plain, Melrose, Newburyport, Beverly, and course, Gloucester.  Join Now!

   Red's Best of Boston   Boston Public Market and Boston Fish Pier

Red's Best of Boston
Boston Public Market and Boston Fish Pier

Red's Best of Boston is a community leader in Massachusetts. While they are not a designated "CSF", they do buy directly from the fishermen. This practice directly benefits the local economy. Red's Best also uses an interactive tracking system that allows consumers to scan their purchase and learn about the fisherman, fishing gear and species (neat, right?!). This level of transparency and engagement reduces the chance of seafood fraud and encourages customers to learn about their food.

In addition to selling directly to distributors, restaurants and colleges, Red's Best can be found in the Boston Public Market. At the Public Market (pst, there's free parking!) they have fresh fish cuts and prepared items like fish tacos soups. They even have lobster rolls for the hungry Bostonians and $1 shucked oysters on certain days!  Oh yeah, and they throw seafood events and provide catering services! 

  New Hampshire Community Seafood  Portsmouth, New Hampshire

New Hampshire Community Seafood
Portsmouth, New Hampshire

New Hampshire Community Seafood (NHCS) is a CSF working out of Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  Not only do they have a growing household fan-base, but they also supply several restaurants in the Portsmouth area (see under RSFs)!  Want to support NHCS but you're not in the Portsmouth area? You can give a 4-week share to a friend in the area or become a shareholder!  As a consumer-shareholder you'll provide support to the NHCS and you'll be thanked with local fish at their end-of-the-year party!


Restaurant Supported Fishery

A Restaurant Supported Fishery (RSF) is one where restaurant kitchens buy local fish/seafood from CSFs instead of buying imported fish from national vendors.  This community collaboration is an ideal relationships that benefits all  parties. 

  • More Variety, More Transparency: Restaurants get access to a variety fish every week and they know exactly what the fish is and who caught it! Big food vendors, however, can not promise seafood transparency and do not regularly offer locally caught fish. Why cook plain Pacific Cod and farmed Salmon when you could offer Hake, Monkfish, or Razor Clams?

  • Contribute to local economy: Since restaurants order more fish per week than the average household, restaurants can play a larger role in revitalizing the domestic fishing industry! More orders leads to better income for our local fishermen.

  • Treat Your Guests: Restaurant guests want access to their local fish- this means experiencing Monkfish, Redfish, Skate, and Tautog! Restaurants that support the local fishery stand out from all the others because they offer guests what other restaurants do not.

These restaurants regularly provide local and in-season fish to guests. Fish either comes from a CSF or from a local seller that buys from the fishermen. Let them show you how delicious our wicked fish can be! 


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If you think your business (restaurant, buyer, market, school etc.) supports our local fishery and you would like it to be known, please get in touch with us!

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